Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pet Bull Palooza!!!!!

Hello all my friends!!!
I just wanted to let those of you who are in Utah know about this. It sounds like it would be way fun. Unfortunately for me and Mom we have to work this day and can't attend. But that doesn't mean that all of you shouldn't. Anyways, it is this Saturday, June 5th at Rose Park in Salt Lake. There is a lot of information down below, so check it out. Hope ya'll can go!!

Celebrate the pit bull terrier during a day of fun festivities and free products and services in Salt Lake City area

Click  here to download the full sized flyerNothing is more petable, hugable and loveable than a pit bull terrier!

Best Friends is presenting Pet Bull Palooza, as part of the NW River Fest, a celebration of pit bull terriers and other short-haired muscular mutts as well as their families. Support responsible dog guardianship while taking part in the festivities and special first come, first served offers including:

  • Free training advice
  • Free spay/neuter vouchers
  • Free vaccinations and microchip packages
  • Free leashes and collars
  • Free toys and treats

“We are so excited to host this Pet Bull Palooza as part of the NW River Fest for pit bull terriers and their families, and to be able to provide important resources to support the community,” says Melissa Lipani, Best Friends Pit Bulls: Saving America's Dog campaign coordinator. “Our goal is to enhance responsible ownership for all dogs by helping people have access to free spay and neuter, vaccines, trainer support, and microchips to reduce the amount of pit bull terrier type dogs that are coming into the shelter system and enhance the relationships that people have with their pets.

“By working together with our sponsors and the NW River Fest, this will be a great outreach effort to help build relationships in the community.”

Date: Saturday, June 5
Time: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Location: Northwest River Fest
Northwest Recreation Center
1300 W and 300 N.
Rose Park (Salt Lake City), Utah

E-mail with any questions

  • Interested in adopting a pit bull terrier type dog? Check out some of the SLCo Pit Crew (a collaborative effort between Best Friends and Salt Lake County Animal Services) pups here.

Flyer courtesy of the SLCo Pit Crew

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hello and Welcome!!!

Hello to all my human and animal friends!
I am Machi and this is my blog. Mom said it was okay for me to start this, she is even helping me with it. She said that this is a place for me to post my musings for everyone to enjoy.
Now, today I gots some things on my mind. Mostly its about all them homeless animals. Its just not right that there are all those little critters out there without any human families to love them and spoil them and shower them with treats and toys and cuddles and kisses.
It is of my most high and knowledgeable opinion that every human should have an animal child. More than one actually. But if for some reason, you can't have one due to those things called allergies or where you live or other things like that, well there are still things you can do to help the little critters find their forever families.
You can donate money to your local animal shelters. That goes towards caring for the animals until their families come for them. It provides food and vet care and toys and beds and shelter so that they are safe.
You can help out in the shelters. Cleaning kennels and beds, feeding, and playing with the animals. My mom does this when she can. I am glad that she does.
Most animal shelters participate in Adoption Events, and you can help out with those. Setting up and taking down the kennels and tents and stuff. Making sure the the kennels have fresh water for whichever animal is hanging out in that kennel. Mom does this too. I think it is great.
A lot of the shelters use computers to keep track of the animals in their care, as well as adoption information. And can use help keeping those files up to date and entering in past files. Currently Mom is working on a bunch of files for one of our local shelters. It is a lot of work, but I know that she feels that in the end it is all worth it.
Another thing that you can do to help out the homeless animals is to encourage friends and families to spay and neuter their animals if they haven't already done that. The less animals being born means less animals ending up in shelters and on the streets.
My last comment is Adopt, don't buy. Puppies Aren't Products.